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Emergency Services

The Scheme has an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provider Network that provides unlimited emergency medical assistance to GEMS members.

How the GEMS EMS Network works

The GEMS EMS Network is open to all EMS providers (ambulance services) that meet basic requirements. When you call the emergency telephone number - 0800 44 4367- the Emergency Medical Evacuation Dispatch (EMED) Centre will receive the call and assign an EMS provider to the incident. The EMED Centre can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency medical services include:

The procedure you should follow is:

1. Dial 0800 44 4367 to contact the EMED Centre.
2. Give your name and the telephone number that you are calling from.
3. Give the address or location of the incident to help paramedics to get there.
4. Provide a brief description of what has happened and how serious the situation is:
       4.1 Age of the patient
       4.2 Sex of the patient (Male/Female)
       4.3 Is the patient breathing? (Yes/No)
       4.4 Is the patient conscious? (Yes/No)
       4.5 Brief details on the current condition of the patient
5. Confirm the patient's medical aid number and patient details.
6. Do not put down the phone until the person on the other side has disconnected

Further important points:

Please ensure that all your registered dependants are aware of this service. Inform your child's school that he/she is a member
of GEMS and make sure your child and the school knows the emergency medical service number.

Should you need to be transferred from one hospital facility to another, please inform the hospital you are admitted to that you are a GEMS member and that any hospital transfers must be authorised by calling the EMED Centre on 0800 44 4367.