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Wellness Screening Days

You can now benefit from the opportunity to be professionally screened for existing and potential health risks at your workplace. Our aim is to enable you to detect health risks early, so that the progression of diseases is prevented or minimised.

What happens on a GEMS wellness screening day?

Healthcare professionals are available to personally discuss your health history and to perform medical screening tests. The results of the tests will be discussed individually with you. You will receive advice on steps you have to take to improve
your health.

What wellness tests will be done?

You will need to fill out a medical history questionnaire, which will provide the healthcare professional with some insight into your health risk profile before testing is done.

The following voluntary tests are performed at the screening sessions:

Counselling and information

If the questionnaire or tests show that you are at risk of health problems, the healthcare professional will provide you with counselling and advice on the day on the steps that should be taken to minimise or prevent future risk. Information brochures are also provided on topics such as smoking, exercise and weight management.


All information and test results are confidential and will not be provided to any Government Department or its officials.

How to book a GEMS wellness screening day

A GEMS wellness screening day can be booked through the existing request procedure for GEMS presentations, i.e. via the GEMS Call Centre and by selecting the option to join GEMS; alternatively you can email your request to You can also ask one of our marketing representatives when they visit your department.