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Managing your membership

Why is it important to manage your membership?

As a member, you need to make sure that you follow the Scheme's Rules and procedures so that you can get the most from your membership.

Following the terms and conditions of your GEMS membership

It is important to follow the Scheme Rules and not abuse the benefits of the Scheme as this will negatively affect contributions for all members.

Who can join GEMS?

You can join GEMS if you are employed in or are a pensioner of:

Rule 6 of the Scheme Rules, explains who can become a GEMS member. The Public Service Act is available on the Department of Public Service and Administration website at

Membership cards and membership certificates

Rule 10 of the Scheme Rules, gives you information about the membership card and the membership certificate.

Remember: You are not allowed to be a member or a registered dependant of more than one medical scheme at the same time.

You can obtain the Scheme rules on the GEMS website at